Dear Sun Spots: My neighbor recently had his property surveyed. The surveyor put two huge pipes in the ground. They were both capped and had all the proper information on them. Well, that neighbor and I had a tiff because I was putting up a fence, and he pulled all the pins out of the ground. Is this legal? I thought once a property marker was capped it could not be moved. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots spoke with Kevin Farrar of Technical Services, 400 Center St. in Auburn, 783-5656, who notes that this is illegal, but the fine is minimal. However, he believes that prosecuting is difficult to do as courts have more pressing cases facing them than boundary disputes. He noted Technical Services tends to get calls on boundary disputes about once a month, although they typically specialize in commercial land surveying. Farrar notes that disputes typically arise over one neighbor putting up a fence, and the other feeling the fence is encroaching on their property line.

Sun Spots also spoke with Kevin Cullenberg of Cullenberg Land Surveying, 892 Old Danville Road in Auburn, 777-1150, who noted that usually the neighbor disputing the boundary will have an independent surveyor survey the property. And, typically, those removing the boundaries “sneak out at night” to pull them up.

Dear Sun Spots: This is in response to the reader seeking monkeys (Sun Spots column, Nov. 23): I have a white one to give away that can be picked up in Lewiston. Please call 783-3925. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Is Bob Barker very ill and dying? I saw it in a newspaper. When did he become sick? Who will host “The Price is Right”? When will I see Bob Barker say goodbye after 35 years on TV? – A.L. Lewiston.

According to several Web sites, Barker has survived skin cancer several times. He’s had basal cell on his ear, skin cancer on his ear and pre-melanoma on his back. There does not appear to be any references of him being currently sick. However, he admits that at 82 years of age, hosting the show is demanding physically and mentally.

According to, Barker will retire when the show’s 34th season comes to a close in June 2007. Sun Spots has not located any information on who will host the show in his stead. However, Freemantle Media, which owns the show, has been looking for Barker’s replacement for some two or three years. Barker has said he has some advice for whomever takes the job: Learn the show’s 80 games backwards and forwards.

June will also mark the 50th year in show business for Barker, who previously hosted “Truth or Consequences.” Sun Spots is sure you’ll hear about the air date of Barker’s final show as June approaches and likely some mention of who will replace him.

In the meantime, you might be interested in noting that Barker, will be the keynote speaker at the May 12, 2007, commencement exercises at Drury University in Springfield, Mo. Barker is a Drury alumnus and will receive the first honorary degree in his life during the exercises.

According to the university’s Web site, after growing up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota and graduating from Springfield’s Central High School in 1941, Barker attended Drury on a basketball scholarship, graduating summa cum laude in 1947 after interrupting his education to serve in the U.S. Navy during World War II. After a brief radio career in Springfield and California, he moved to television, hosting “Truth or Consequences” from 1956-75. He debuted as host of what was then called “The New Price is Right” on Sept. 4, 1972. In 1994, “The Price is Right” became the longest-running game show in history.

You and other fans might be interested in noting that Barker turns 83 years old on Dec. 12. Happy Birthday, Bob, from your Sun Spots column fans!

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