Robert Iger, current CEO of Disney, succeeded Michael Eisner in that job in 2005. Iger’s great-uncle, cartoonist Jerry Iger, was a business partner of cartoonist Will Eisner.

n Knee-slapping etymology: “Paella,” the traditional Spanish rice dish, is related to “patella,” the medical term for the kneecap. “Patella” is the Latin word for “pan,” which should explain the connection.

In a recent segment of the Bravo TV series “Inside the Actors Studio,” what did Tom Hanks reply when asked by host James Lipton what sound he hates?

Screeching auto brakes

B) Gilbert Gottfried’s voice

C) The telephone ringing

D) “You’ve got mail!” on his computer

Tuesday’s answer: Hasbro was founded in 1923 as a seller of textile remnants, branching out into toys in the 1940s.

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