LEWISTON – A course titled “Media and the Iraq War” (HUM 399) will be offered this spring through the humanities program at USM’s Lewiston-Auburn College. The course examines how and why the media failed successfully to perform its traditional role as skeptic and watchdog.

In his book, “The Problem of the Media,” Robert W. McChesney said, “Media are at the center of struggles for power and control in any society, and they are arguably even more vital players in democratic nations.”

At the same time, many observers have concluded that news organizations failed to keep the public accurately informed in the months before and after the invasion of Iraq.

Professor Eve Raimon, associate professor and instructor for the course, said the class will study the media coverage of the Iraq War largely from correspondents’ own reflections after their return to the U.S.

In this way, students will learn about press insights into what went wrong and what corporate and governmental practices need reform in the future. The course will also include documentaries about aspects of the media as well as recent films about the ongoing conflict in the region.

The class will meet from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays beginning Jan. 17. If interested, call 753-6500 for advising or registration assistance.

Other humanities courses offered this spring at USM/L-A will include “Stage and Plays,” “Alternative Spiritualities,” “French North America” and “Basic Photography.” A complete spring course listing is available online at www.usm.maine.edu/lac/schedules.

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