Dear Sun Spots: I have a Labrador retriever who I think would make a great therapy dog for nursing homes and hospitals. I’m trying to find a place in Maine that will certify him. Any help would be appreciated. – No Name, No Town.

According to Therapy Dogs International, based in New Jersey, your dog will have to be tested and evaluated by a certified TDI evaluator. Dogs have to be a minimum of 1 year old and of sound temperament.

Sun Spots tracked down a local TDI evaluator and spoke with Don Weeks of Shangri-La Kennels, 852 Washington St., Auburn, 784-4685. Weeks says your dog will also have to be up on his/her rabies, distemper series and canine cough shots. You, as the owner, will need to have good control over your dog. Weeks will do an evaluation with your dog that will also include three nursing home visits, where he can evaluate the dog on the job. He says he’s looking for your dog’s reactions to noise, motions and smells at potential sites and will be checking to ensure this type of stimulation does not stress your dog and make him/her aggressive. Once your dog is registered, Weeks says you will pay an annual $20 fee to Therapy Dogs International. You can then contact the volunteer director at a local hospital or nursing homes to see if they participate in this type of therapy for residents.

Dear Sun Spots: In response to the person who wrote inquiring about the store on Lisbon Street, Secondhand Sensations, the owner’s name is Kathie and the forwarding address is P.O. Box 3723, Auburn, ME 04212. The store has closed. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m hoping that one of your readers can help me.

I’m making a sweater for Christmas and need about 1/2 skein to finish it. I’m looking for Red Heart Holiday Yarn. It’s 3000 white/silver. Any help would be appreciated. – Jayce R., Gorham, N.H.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots noted several references to this particular wool online. You might consider checking out the following to see if any of them might carry the color you’re seeking:;, and There were several references of your yarn that led to eBay.

Dear Sun Spots: I need to get rid of a twin mattress and a queen-size set. I also have two soft chairs and a couple of end tables. Is there somewhere I could donate these? – S.J. Doucette, Auburn.

Please contact Tri-County Mental Health Services at 783-4663, ext: 317 to arrange a pickup.

Dear Sun Spots: Like many of your readers, you’ve helped me before, and I need you again in trying to locate a fur dealer. If none are available within a 20-mile radius of Lewiston, perhaps a reader would be interested in purchasing my coat. I can be reached between 9 and 11:45 a.m. at 782-9842. – No Name, Lewiston.

In addition to responses from readers, you might consider placing an advertisement for the sale of this coat. Sun Spots only located those selling new furs. So if there are any available locally, perhaps they would please contact the column with their information.

Dear Sun Spots: Thanks for the great job you do at helping people find things. I love your column. My daughter-in-law has asked me to make a Raspberry Quiche for Christmas. I have searched the Internet for the recipe and the one recipe I found is not what she remembers having. The one I found is from a chef at the Citadel. Has anyone ever heard of it? Does anyone have a recipe for one? Thanks, I can be reached at [email protected] – L.W., Paris.

Sun Spots did locate one but was uncomfortable publishing it as the recipe called for baking the pastry blind, with cling film, in a 375 degree oven. So hopefully there are some readers out there who can assist you here.

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