LIVERMORE FALLS – “When you rescue a drowning man, you don’t charge him for the life preserver.” This is the idea behind a new weight-loss support group meeting at 7 p.m. every Thursday at Fitness Stylz. The group is free and open to the public, without membership obligation or promotion.

Obesity has become a pandemic, causing an alarming surge in related health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and depression. Many local people are struggling with the problems, but are unable to afford gym memberships or other weight-loss products and services.

The free weight-loss support group is the brain-child of some Fitness Stylz members, all of whom agree on the basic idea that weight loss does not have to be expensive.

They believe that most people know what they should do to lose weight, but aren’t doing it yet. The support group is intended to offer a safe, friendly place for people to gather helpful information, share what has worked for them, and encourage each other during their mutual struggle for a healthier lifestyle.

The group focuses on the basic “calories in vs. calories out” principle of losing weight and does not endorse unconventional or so-called “miracle diets.”

The meetings are run solely by those attending and take the form of a discussion group, with occasional guest speakers. People are encouraged to share strategies, ask questions and choose the healthy diet plan that best suits their individual needs and preferences.

Volunteer leaders will address related subjects, including basic nutrition, methods to simplify calorie counting, how to lose weight without buying expensive foods and products, the benefits of exercise in general and how to survive the holiday season without succumbing to high calorie foods.

Since the meetings are a group effort and are not moderated by professionals, participants are encouraged to talk to their physicians about any changes they plan to make regarding diet and exercise. There will be no required purchases, no fees and no sales pitches. Those interested need only attend with their desire for a better, healthier life.

Fitness Stylz is located at 17 Depot St. across from the Chuck Wagon restaurant. Fore more information, call 897-5978 or 491-3232. Questions can be e-mailed to [email protected]

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