The 12 common-sense ways to fight a common cold are the following:

Drink that water

Your body tissues need more than oxygen to stay healthy. A well-hydrated body helps to keep your tissues moist and less susceptible to viruses, according to Michael Walker, a hospital clinics nutrition manager. GO for eight 8oz. glasses of water a day if your urine is dark yellow you are dehydrated. This also means you’re not drinking enough water.

Try to reduce your stress

It’s been shown by researchers that people who are very stressed tend to get more colds and more upper respiratory infections, because their immune systems are compromised.

Trying to prevent common colds is easy because you have all kinds of ways to help you for examples.

• Wash your hands, and laugh more

• Try to reduce your stress

• Drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water each day

• A more positive mental outlook

• Some exercise

• Get some sleep

• Flue vaccines

• Vitamin C

• Choose good sources of protein

• Do something soothing

• Don’t smoke

All these things will help you stay healthy. Staying clean and not carrying germs around will also help other people to stay healthy. Germs can start a never ending cycle to people all around the world getting rid of a cold and having to catch it again. Not saying that you’ll never get a cold but knowing a little more can help people prevent themselves from getting a lot of colds and being sick all the time. These little tips could also help a lot of people from getting fired from their job, I have learned a lot from this current event just by reading the 12 common sense ways. it has explained to me that little extra things here and there can actually help in a lot of big ways. I also have learned that knowing these little tips can not only help me stay healthier but can help a lot of other people and I feel that if Maine takes the time to do a little extra in their lives that it could make it less expense out of their pockets by not having to pay for medication that shouldn’t have been needed in the first place. I also feel that by taking time to read this current event it will save Mainer’s a lot of time out of the doctors offices or hospitals. I feel that they could benefit a lot from not missing work because they took a few minutes out of their time to not only help themselves, but help others while doing so.

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