It is that time of year to spread holiday cheer. Ms. Linda Kivus, the Quilting and Fabric Design/Textile teacher at Lewiston High School and her adroit, talented students are making our community a better place. They have currently taken two projects under their wing: quilts and quillows.

Mrs. Donna Dube, mother of the beautiful, courageous Shantelle Dube who passed away November 9, 2005, has donated money to Ms. Kivus’s quilting classes. Shantelle had always had a love and passion for sewing, and Mrs. Dube wanted other students to experience that love and passion her daughter once felt. Ms. Kivus and her Advanced Quilting and Textile class bought flannel and have made about half a dozen fabric quilts to bring over to the local hospital and donate to the children with illnesses in memory of Shantelle.

A quillow is a pillow that folds out into a lap quilt. These bright and vibrant quillows are made out of donated fleece by two of Ms. Kivus’ Quilting and Fabric Design classes. The students made fifteen quillows and are using them as a community service project for the Christmas season. This year the quillows will be going to the New Beginnings agency.

New Beginnings is a Lewiston-based agency that works with youth experiencing homelessness for whatever reasons. The agency includes a drop-in/outreach center on Lisbon Street, an emergency teen shelter, male and female transitional living programs, and independent apartments. Mary Seaman works for Lewiston High School and acts as the McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison to coordinate educational services for these youth. if you would like more information about the New Beginnings program or how you may be of service, you may visit room B1J at Lewiston High School or contact Mary Seaman by phone at: 795-4190 x2214, or by e-mail at: [email protected] Mary appreciates the hard work put in by Ms. Kivus and her students and says, “Thank you, we are extremely grateful.”

These Lewiston High School students have done an amazing job and have showed a great deal of love, support, and kindheartedness to our community. “It is a good thing to give to little kids, many who don’t have anything,” says Allysa Thomas, a Sophomore at Lewiston High who participated in this endeavor. This season is the season for giving. As Ms. Kivus says, “It is very important to get out and give to your community.” Everyone deserves warmth, a smile, and some holiday cheer this season.

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