Sweet nevertheless: People who “get what’s coming to them” get their “just deserts,” not their “just desserts,” as many think. Unrelated to the food “desserts” or the climate “deserts,” “deserts” are “that which is deserved.”

n There are two “degrees of separation” between Ben Kingsley and Ben Stiller. Kingsley appeared in “Suspect Zero” with Carrie-Anne Moss, who appeared in “Sledge: The Untold Story” with Stiller.

The southernmost land in Canada is Point Pelee, a small island in Lake Erie. How many U.S. states are located, at least in part, farther north than Point Pelee?


B) 17

C) 27

D) 37

Tuesday’s answer: The Hermit, The Chariot, The Emperor and The Magician are all names of tarot cards.

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