NORWAY – The Norway Memorial Library has announced news additions to the shelves for December.


Aidan, “Duty and Desire”; Allende, “Ines of My Soul”; Albom, “For One More Day”; Barron, “Jane and the Barque of Frailty”; Bauer, “Best Foot Forward”; Bass, “The Lives of Rocks”; Berg, “The Handmaid and the Carpenter”; Brown, “The Hounds and the Fury”; Burke, “Kidnapped”; Chang, “Chinatown Beat”; Chiaverini, “Round Robin.”

Also, Coel, “The Drowning Man”; Conant, “Gaits of Heaven”; DeMille, “Wild Fire”; Dibdin, “Back to Bologna”; Donati, “Queen of the Swords”; Dunlap, “A Single Eye”; Fahy, “Matinee at the Flame”; Flynn, “Act of Treason”; Ford, “The Lay of the Land.”

Also, Forna, “Ancestor Stones”; Frazier, “Thirteen Moons”; Freedman, “A Killing in the Valley”; Ginsberg, “Blind Submission”; Gordon, “The Stories of Mary Gordon”; Greenwood, “Murder on the Ballarat Train”; Hall, “You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled”; Holden, “The Sense of Paper.”

Also, Jakes, “The Gods of Newport”; Kittredge, “The Willow Field”; Lawson, “The Other Side of the Bridge”; Lehrer, “The Phony Marine”; Macomber, “Christmas Letter”; McCall-Smith, “The Right Attitude to Rain”; McCarthy, “The Road”; McKay, “The Birth House.”

Also, Miller, “Deadly Gamble”; Mortimer, “Rumpole”; Munro, “The View from Castle Rock”; Naslund, “Abundance”; Oates, “Black Girl White Girl”; O’Brien, “The Light of the Evening”; O’Shaughnessy, “Keeper of the Keys”; Parker, “Hundred Dollar Baby.”

Also, Patterson, “Cross”; Rankin, “Bleeding Hearts”; Rosenbaum, “A Day of Small Beginnings”; Shaara, “The Rising Tide”; Shields, “The Crimson Portrait”; Sparks, “Dear John”; Steele, “H.R.H.”; Tapply, “Out Cold.”

Also, Trigiani, “Home to Big Stone Gap”; Turner, “Redemption”; Waller, “The Long Night of Winchell Dear”; Wambaugh, “Hollywood Station”; Ward, “Four Kinds of Rain”; Weiner, “The Guy Not Taken”; Wilhelm, “Sleight of Hand”; Wilson, “The Hidden Assassins”; Winslow, “The Winter of Frankie Machine”; Woods, “Short Straw.”


McGraw, “Inside My Heart”; Nasr, “The Shia Revival”; Larson, “Thunderstruck”; Roizen, “You on a Diet”; Layman, “Medical Terminology Demystified”; Greenspan, “Baking from My Home to Yours.”

Also, “Best American Short Stories 2006”; Gopnik, “Through the Children’s Gate”; Carter, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”; Sides, “Blood and Thunder.”


Edwards, “Saving Graces”; Fiorina, “Tough Choices”; Lemon, “A Twist of Lemmon”; Maathai, “Unbowed”; Obama, “The Audacity of Hope”; Oufkir, “Freedom: the Story of My Second Life”; Reynolds, “Wrestling with Gravy.”

Maine books

Andrews, “Stealing History”; Harper, “A Recall of the Fifty Year History of Stephens Memorial Hospital”; Baumer, “When Towns Had Teams”; Gott, “Metamorphosis; My Journey of Growth and Change.”

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