POLAND – A man came forward Wednesday to tell police he was responsible for a hole in Range Pond that caused brief panic the night before. There was just one problem: The man’s story had a hole in it, as well.

As it turns out, he had made a hole in a different part of the pond. Police determined that the man was not behind the hole along Range Hill Road that inspired fears of drownings and no charges were filed.

On Tuesday night, police, game wardens and rescue teams went to Upper Range Pond where they were greeted by an ominous scene: a set of footprints leading to a gaping hole in the ice.

The water was searched by airboat but no body was found. The source of that particular hole remains a mystery. But police are advising once again that Maine’s frozen lakes and ponds remain unsafe.

They also pointed out that hoaxes that lead to expensive rescue operations could result in criminal action if anyone is caught. That, they said, is the whole truth.