TAMWORTH, N.H. (AP) – Town officials are suspicious of a developer’s proposal to build a road on property where it has tried – and failed – to construct a private motor sports track.

Club Motorsports Inc. filed its application to build a road passing next to wetlands last month, on the same day the company filed a lawsuit against the town, after its wetlands permit for a full-scale racetrack was rejected.

During a meeting Wednesday, the new proposal’s declaration to explore “development options” – and Club Motorsports’ reluctance to spell out its intentions for the 250-acres it owns next to Mount Whittier – drew fire from suspicious town planners.

“I find it hard to believe that they have no idea what they are going to do,” said Planning Board member Herb Cooper. “Why can’t you level with the town?”

Cooper is one of three planners who had recused themselves from previous deliberations on the track but who refused Club Motorsports’ request not to take part in talks on the new proposal.

Rick Sager, Tamworth’s lawyer, said Cooper and others’ statements against the racetrack don’t apply because that issue now is off the table.

“I’m not aware of any prejudice that these three board members have against (Club Motorsports),” he said.

Board member Tom Cleveland agreed.

“There is nothing here to do with a racetrack” he said. “We don’t know the use.”