ORLEANS, Mass. (AP) – Two more dolphins have been found dead on Cape Cod beaches, bringing the total number of strandings in the past week to 17. Of the 17 stranded, eight have either been found dead or have had to be euthanized.

Rescuers are worried about a repeat of last year.

“It’s very reminiscent of last January where we had 100 (dolphins strand) in the first week of 2006,” said Sarah Herzig, the stranding coordinator for the Cape Cod Stranding Network.

The dead dolphins found Wednesday were in Orleans and Brewster. A dead dolphin was found Tuesday night in Orleans. All were common dolphins, the same species that has been stranding on Cape Cod beaches since last Friday.

The Cape’s hook shape, combined with a labyrinth of sandbars and marshes, can confuse and trap animals, especially if they are sick. The recent full moon may have exacerbated the problem because it allows dolphins to chase prey deeper into the flooded marshes, marine biologists say.