The city of Lewiston is fortunate to have someone of Larry Gilbert’s caliber eager to lead us to the next level of growth and success during the next few years.

Years ago, as a member of Sen. George Mitchell’s staff, I was in a position to advocate for Gilbert’s appointment as U.S. Marshal for Maine. I knew him then to be a man of integrity, a devoted family man, a man who was willing to stand up for his beliefs despite adversity, a man who was passionate about inclusiveness and diversity, and a man whose career made him amply qualified to be a U.S. marshal. Those same qualities make him qualified to serve as Lewiston’s mayor.

Elected officials automatically earn the title of “The Honorable.” Gilbert is and always has been an honorable man. Let’s make it official: “The Honorable Laurent F. Gilbert, mayor of Lewiston.”

Jan Barrett, Lewiston