JAY – Police are investigating what they believe could be possible gang graffiti on public safety signs.

Two stop signs at both ends of Plaisted Road in East Jay, which is located off Route 133, have three priority mail stickers with the words “anti” and what looks like “antie over” in two-dimensional lettering on them stuck in the middle of the sign.

Some of the words appear to be written in Spanish, police Chief Larry White Sr. said, and have similar traits to gang tagging.

One of the stickers on one sign was not complete, said officer Stephen Wilkinson, who is investigating the incidents with Detective Richard Caton IV.

A yellow safety sign with arrows on both ends at the intersection of Old Jay Hill Road and Woodman Hill Road also had stickers on it. The wording there appears to say “nato.”

“When the suspect or suspect is found we intend to prosecute to the full extent of the law,” White said.

The person or persons responsible will face criminal mischief charges, he said.

Since it is a public safety issue, “We feel that the courts will not take this lightly,” White said.

Anyone who saw the stickers being made or placed on the signs or who has information that would be helpful to police is asked to call the station at 897-6766.