In the face of all the news – which is not news at all – about troop increases, I think we all need to think back and remember just what we were voting for in this past election. Those leaving the polls listed discontent with the war in Iraq as a major motivation for the way they voted.

Now it seems our votes are being twisted into some new doublespeak: increase the troops in order to bring them out? It sounds like doublespeak to me. There are ideas before Congress for a safe withdrawal that do not increase the number of troops.

Many military commanders recommend no troop increase. They need to be listened to, and the American people need to be heard as well.

Congress has the authority to require the top military commanders in Iraq to produce a plan for safely withdrawing our troops from the country. It can also require these commanders to give their best estimate of the cost of this plan. It can then appropriate this money, specifying that the funds be used for the withdrawal plan designed by the military.

No more doublespeak. Troops out now.

Safely and swiftly.

Get with it.

Eileen Kreutz, Industry