PARIS – A man who police said hit his mother over the head with a hammer pleaded guilty to aggravated assault Tuesday in Oxford County Superior Court.

Stephen V. Geyer, 39, of Paris was given a suspended six-year sentence after being given credit for the 115 days he has already served. He will be on probation for four years.

A charge of elevated aggravated assault was dropped, court records show.

Both the prosecutor and the defense attorney agreed that Geyer has mental health problems, and jail time would not be beneficial to him.

“He really needed a lot of help,” said defense attorney John Jenness. “It would be a difficult thing for him to return to jail.”

Geyer had been off his medication at the time of the incident, Jenness said. His mother, Dora Hoyt, 68, testified in court and “graciously supported what was being done.”

The mother did not say she wanted a no-contact order in place, Jenness said.

During Geyer’s probation he will be required to have psychological counseling and be on medication, Assistant District Attorney Joseph O’ Connor said.

Geyer was arrested by State Police Trooper James Nolan last June 27. The attack happened with a juvenile present, according to an affidavit by Nolan.

After the attack, Geyer fled the scene with the juvenile. He was pulled over by a Bethel police officer and taken to the Oxford County Jail.