Recently, several Student Ambassadors from St. Dom’s spent an afternoon with third grade students at Trinity Catholic School. The following is an interview with Annie Knausenberger, a sophomore Student Ambassador.

Q. Could you please describe the experience briefly?

A. Yeah, sure. We divided up into groups, with one St. Dominic’s Student Ambassador, and one student from Trinity. At the party we made snowman crafts out of cotton balls and stuff, then we made cookies together, ate the cookies, and then sang Christmas songs for a while.

Q. What grade levels were the children?

A. We worked with the third graders at Trinity.

Q. Did the children seem to like the experience?

A. Yeah, they seemed pretty excited about the whole thing, and I believe they liked it a lot.

Q. Did you enjoy the experience?

A. Yes, it was very nice.

Q. Would you be interested in doing this kind of event again?

A. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing this again at all. I had fun myself.

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