DIXFIELD – Town Manager Jeff Jacobson told the board on Monday that the results of the recently completed municipal audit showed good work by the town in most areas.

Auditor Keel Hood of Fairfield, however, did make suggestions:

• eliminate small reserve accounts.

• change the sewer department to a fiscal year.

• more closely follow directions for withdrawals from trust funds.

• ensure that the town’s books are balanced monthly.

Selectmen also voted to request a management letter from the town’s auditor following a request by Selectman Brenda Turbide.

That letter wasn’t included with this year’s audit because changes in the insurance industry in the past year could affect the town’s coverage, said Jacobson on Wednesday.

He said one of the issues that Hood may have written about would be the blurring of duties among office staff.

Board Chairman Bettina Martin said Monday night that the auditor would recommend more staff because there are so many similar duties carried out by the same people.

Jacobson said the decision to send a management letter was up to the auditor.

Following Monday’s vote, Jacobson said the letter should arrive in a few days.

Turbide said her research shows that area towns receive management letters.

Also on Monday, the board:

• adopted an amended parking ordinance that bans parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk.

• approved a Drug Abuse Resistance Education program for seventh-graders by the Dixfield Police Department.

• approved a contract to rent Harlow Field and Marble Park to SAD 21 at an annual cost of $3,000.

• changed the semi-monthly board meetings from the second and fourth Mondays to the second and fourth Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 23.