OXFORD – Oxford Elementary School has announced the first trimester honor roll.

Grade four

Honors: Christian Gregory, Faith Rideout, Kyle Rogers, Avery Spear, Ben Bishop, Makayla Bisulca, Nick McNelly, Zandi Noble, Jessica Scott, Brandon Smith, Abby Angevine, Eron Cunningham, Adam Kane, Ronald Parker, Sadie Record.

Grade five

High honors: Randy Bosquet, Erica Jackson, Kayla McMichael, Samantha Seeley, Kane Williamson, Katelin Carey, India Lucas.

Honors: Alyssa deSilva, Kara Libby, Sophie Martel, Madison Owens, Cameron Scelzo, Connor Heaward, Haylee Parsons, Shawn Pray, Tayla Smedberg, Noah Smith, Haylee Chute, Veronica Doire, Aaron Vaillancourt, Mackenzie Vehue, Mandy Wikson, Coley Zufelt.

Grade six

High honors: Kelsey DeBlois.

Honors: Garrett Burns, Victoria Conrad, Brittina Maheux, Jordan Millett, Claire Robertson, Mason Santos, Courtney Smith, Marissa Turmenne, Elizabeth Bickford, Danielle Bilier, Brandyn Braswell, Dylan Cox, Kristen Gamache, Jordyn Sanborn, Maggie Staples, Adam Tavares, Taylor Wood, Kayla Collett, Hannah Lyon, Jaimee Grenier, Brandon Compton.

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