WEST PARIS – After scouring the town for hours Thursday, Oxford County Sheriff’s Office deputies came up empty handed while looking for a man who police say has been dealing heroin.

However, Max Oscar Tikander, 26, of 81 Stearns Hill Road, apparently learned the jig was up, because he called Cpl. Chancy Libby and said he would turn himself in this morning.

Tikander was indicted by a grand jury in December on two counts of unlawful trafficking in heroin, a Class B felony.

Libby said Tikander sold heroin to undercover officers, who were able to gather enough information to obtain the indictments.

On Thursday, police had a few leads as to the places he goes and people who know him, Libby said.

“We just started banging on doors,” he added.

Libby said there has been an increase in the number of people addicted to heroin and cocaine in the area.

The department cracks down “Whenever there is heroin,” Libby said.

This is the second heroin case in West Paris in recent months. Last week, Michael Holden, 44, of West Paris pleaded not guilty to four counts of aggravated trafficking in heroin, among other charges.

Holden was arrested in his home Sept. 20 after a three-month investigation by the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. He is out on bail.