Steps are being taken by Fred Paige of Penn Yann, N.Y., who is interested in forming a State of Maine baseball league here next season to have a meeting of the managers of the various teams to meet about Feb. 1 and discuss plans for the formation of a league. Mr. Paige hopes to get the Pine Tree Association of Portland to join the league and it looks now as if Lewiston will be in too.

Crowds of women coming to Lewiston on every train and trolley car. It is surprising how the out of town people get the benefit of every good thing that Lewiston has to offer. Right now they are getting plums offered at the big thirty-nine hour sale at the Novelty Cloak store.

50 Years Ago, 1957

Ralph Johnson, 61, of the College Road, was placed on probation for a year by Lewiston Municipal Court Judge Fernand Despins after two fines were suspended on hog-raising charges. Johnson was charged with feeding his hogs without a State license, and feeding them uncooked garbage. The alleged offenses took place Jan. 9. Johnson pleaded guilty to both counts, was fined $50 and costs on each and was placed on probation when the fines were suspended.

25 Years Ago, 1982

In addition to the usual difficulties with hard-starting vehicles, cold temperatures caused an Auburn water main to break and the upper and lower Lewiston canals developed ice buildup problems at the generating stations delaying the opening of the Bates Fabrics Mill.

Another window-rattling earthquake rumbled through Western Maine but public service agencies in the three-county area reported no damage or injury. The shock was the third in three days to draw attention of area residents. The first quake Saturday morning was followed several hours later by a noticeable aftershock and then Monday’s incident.