• Kingston, the picturesque capital of the island of Jamaica, has been devastated by a violent earthquake. Details of the disaster are lacking as direct communication with the stricken city has been cut off. The land lines had been reconstructed to within five miles of Kingston Tuesday evening and from meagre reports received through such channels as were open, it has been learned that many of the most important buildings have been destroyed and that there has been serious loss of life.

• For the purchase and installation of a dynamo to increase the capacity and efficiency of the Municipal lighting plant, the Lewiston city council last evening, voted to authorize the committee on street lights to expend a sum not to exceed $2,500. The matter was discussed in executive session.

50 years ago, 1957

• Bills aimed at the “slowpoke driver” and the driver who fancies he’s an earthbound rocket pilot will be introduced tomorrow in the Maine Legislature, Sen. Cole (R-Liberty) said today.

Safety officials believe drivers poking along at 25 or 30 on 45-mile-an-hour roads are the indirect cause of many passing accidents and rear end collisions.

Cole’s bill will allow posting of minimum speeds on roads where slowpokes are judged to be a menace.

His other measure will fix 60 miles an hour in daylight and 55 miles at night as the maximum legal speeds on any public road.

25 years ago, 1982

• Maine is one of the fastest-growing states in the Northeast, but it has succeeded in reducing its energy use while it continues to increase on a national scale, state energy chief Gordon Well said Friday. Rising petroleum prices are “the single most important or dominant factor” in keeping consumption down, said Well, the director of the state Office of Energy Resources.

• Within the next 10 years the Soviet Union may orbit a permanent manned space station whose prime purposes will be “other than scientific,” the head of the National Academy of Sciences said Friday.