AUBURN – There are a few new rules that will govern softball play during the 2007 season.

According to Norm Davis, long-time national Amateur Softball Association official, a major rule change is in Men’s Class D Slow Pitch play. No home runs over the fence are allowed. Previously, if a batter hit a homer with less than 2 outs, that hitter was called out and play continued. Now, if a batter clouts a round-tripper at anytime during an inning, that inning ends, even if it is the leadoff hitter.

Another change is in Masters Slow Pitch 35-Over, 40-Over and 45-Over. Four home runs will now be allowed per team rather than 3.

There is an interesting change in Fast Pitch rules. It reads “The pitch shall be delivered on the throwing arm side of the body and not behind the back or between the legs.”

Davis was recently elected to the ASA National Hall of Fame.

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