I am compelled to respond to the Dec. 31 editorial, “Government’s waste of time and money.” While I agree that we need to make government efficient, silencing the public’s concerns is not a practical way to address the issue.

The editorial mentioned a proposal that Sen. Christine Savage submitted on behalf of a constituent. I spoke with Sen. Savage to learn more about the bill after reading the Sun Journal’s editorial.

It seems the proposal addresses the fact that legislators fill out a form with the Ethics Commission regarding campaign practices. However, there are no sanctions in place for those who violate the practices. I don’t know the specifics of the complaint filed by Sen. Savage’s constituent, but I do know Christine Savage.

She should be used as a model for other legislators. I’ve served with her on the Transportation Committee for the last six years. She is honorable, fair-minded and a true representative of the people.

Sen. Savage and I do not always agree on policy. She is a Republican and I am a Democrat. But I have seen her stand for her beliefs and do the right thing, despite tremendous pressure. Rather than criticize Sen. Savage, she should be applauded for her hard work and service to her constituents.

Rep. Boyd Marley, Portland