It is unfortunate the MaineLand Use Regulatory Commission staff ignored most of the well-researched testimony from the opponents of the wind farm on Redington, and focused on the propaganda of Maine Mountain Power.

That company, which is subsidized by a California Edison company, presented a project that looked good on paper but ignored the fact that it will not do anything at all to decrease Maine’s reliance on oil.

Because of congestion in the power grid, the only power sources that would be decreased by the project would be biomass or hydroelectric, which are already good alternatives to oil. This is distressing to those of us who studied the facts.

I hope the complete commission will realize what a biased account their staff provided, and vote to oppose this desecration of a beautiful area, which would not even decrease our reliance on oil.

Maine has some of the most lovely unspoiled land in the country; it must be revered and respected, not destroyed in order to enrich a company that cares little about the environment or the residents and tourists who appreciate it.

Barbara Ulman, Coarsegold, Calif., and Oquossoc