I write to comment about Rep. Abby Holman being denied a place on the Legislature’s Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee. (Jan. 7) I know Rep. Holman, a Republican, and Sen. John Nutting, a Democrat. I admire and respect them. I am a farmer, too.

Because of interference by Department of Conservation Commissioner Pat McGowan, and a policy applied unequally to legislators, the farming community isn’t getting the strong advocate for farming we hoped. It’s a shame and a disappointment. I am not a political person, but I do know that fairness matters. What was done to Rep. Holman and the rest of the farming community is a real shame.

And as we have come to expect from Sen. Nutting, he is standing up for the people and speaking out against the partisanship of the House speaker, Rep. Glenn Cummings.

I am sure Rep. Holman will speak up for agriculture, and for those who grow and harvest trees for a living, regardless of whether she sits on the agriculture committee. From what I know of her, she won’t give up or back down because an obstacle is in her way; it will only make her work harder.

I know she will be representing my interests as a farmer, and as someone struggling to get by in rural Maine. Our natural resource based industries are critical to Maine and our heritage. We all need to work to ensure they continue and have the help of leaders like Rep. Holman and Sen. Nutting.

Ray Buck, Chesterville