Larry Gilbert is not the man Lewiston should look to for mayor. His grandstanding has unearthed the truth about him, and his intentions. He is a prima donna, and does nothing without intending to benefit his stature. His law enforcement experience is well-known; we don’t need to hear it again and again.

I wonder about his leadership. I can’t imagine it was a “bowl of happiness” working for a man like him. I can’t imagine a team of seven councilors dealing with his power-hungry, “I am the one” attitude. I was appalled by his comments in the Sun Journal (Jan. 7) regarding “certain” councilors having a personal agenda for making appointments to city committees.

I fail to see how any councilor has an agenda for appointments, which are a small part of their duties. Gilbert made this a grand charade. He was the one, with all his public-safety wisdom, who attacked this issue instead of something more significant that could occur during the absence of a mayor.

I wonder if Gilbert has a personal agenda for appointments.

The council, for the most part, has proven willing to work together to assure all committees and boards can move forward.

Gilbert does not have the ability to walk into this position and work hand-in-hand with councilors, city staff, and the citizens of Lewiston without carrying a “Look at me!” sign.

I believe Gilbert should just move along.

He is no prize for the citizens of Lewiston.

Katie Hall, Lewiston