It’s not like the Maineiacs are living in the lap of luxury, but they aren’t exactly impoverished, either.

At practice last week, team assistant Kyle Kyllonen (who inexplicably had a day off from school on Tuesday, too) brought out a milk crate full of standard issue, green water bottles, all filled with faucet water from the locker room.

Defenseman Michal Korenko splashed some water from one of the bottles on his face and into his mouth, made a strange face and put the bottle back down.

“Too cold,” he said, and then asked Kyllonen if he could make the water a bit warmer next time.

Kyllonen rolled his eyes and left the bench area.

There is no truth to the rumor that Korenko failed to tip Kyllonen after the young assistant drew up his mud bath after practice, though.

Jodoin the human Zamboni

After a particularly hard practice this week, the back of the inside part of the goal cage looked more like the sides of the road outside- piled high with snow.

Ready for the day’s final drill – three-on-threes – the coaches moved the nets into position inside one zone. All of the players lined up in the neutral zone, on one knee, and waited to be called.

But before the team could start the drill, head coach Clem Jodoin motioned for bystanders to open the door toward the locker room. He dropped his stick and picked up a pair of squeegees left by the entranc and carried them over to the blue painted area on the ice.

In three swaths with the squeegees side by side, Jodoin carried mounds of snow to the blue line by the boards.

Officials at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee confirmed that despite his obvious talent, they would not try to hire the coach away from the team to make him chief of ice maintainence.

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