My husband and I grew up with John Graffam, one of the two men that Gary Gauthier Jr. and Thomas Dyer were recently convicted of murdering. In the Jan. 3 edition, there was an article about a letter Gauthier had sent from jail.

This guy is truly unbelievable. Gauthier shows more of his evil side every time he opens his mouth. Does he really think he is helping himself by writing his temper tantrums down on paper for the whole city to read about? Apparently it wasn’t enough to take the lives of two men.

Gauthier feels he needs to condemn them just one more time, and their families, too. Even though this was a disturbing article to have to read, I commend the writer for his ingenious way of putting Gauthier in his place with words such as “diatribe.” A truly befitting word to describe his letter.

My husband and I hope Gauthier and Dyer cry themselves to sleep every night in prison, even if the tears are only because they got caught.

Linda and Todd Clukey, Oxford