POLAND – A single page of a police report released Tuesday reveals how much remains unclear about a collision that killed six people on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Contributing factors and the physical conditions of drivers involved in the early morning wreck are both marked as unknown.

Police repeated Tuesday that they are waiting for results of toxicology tests and a crash reconstruction before the investigation moves forward.

The single-page report also reveals the drivers and owners of both cars.

Shortly after midnight Dec. 24, vehicles driven by Michael Richard Cournoyer, 20, of Auburn and Steven R. Walton, 27, of Poland collided on Route 122.

Walton is listed as the owner of the 1992 Dodge he was driving. According to the report, Cournoyer was driving a 2002 Nissan owned by Scott W. Montana of Lewiston.

Police did not elaborate on why Cournoyer was driving a car owned by Montana, who was not in the vehicle. Friends of the dead have said Cournoyer may have borrowed the car from Montana’s daughter, who had been using the vehicle earlier in the night.

Scott Montana could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Walton and his girlfriend, 25-year-old Laura L. Caron, were killed in the Dodge. In the second vehicle, Cournoyer and passengers Jacob Richard Roy, 20; Matthew P. Manley, 18; and Robert Bruce, 19, were also killed.

No charges have been filed as a result of the crash. And though there has been much speculation in public and on computer Web sites, police have said that they do not have sufficient evidence yet to elaborate on the cause.

“We don’t have the toxicology or the reconstruction back yet,” said Androscoggin County Sheriff Guy Desjardins. “Right now, we’re putting that down as unknown.”

Under road surface conditions, the report indicates ice but also that the road had been sanded. The report states that the car driven by Cournoyer was sliding in the road when the two cars crashed head-on.

Police said Cournoyer was driving with a suspended license.