In the aftermath of President Gerald Ford’s death, we are left with the memory of his pardon of President Richard Nixon. While there is blather about “healing the country,” his pardon of Nixon’s criminal action set the stage for overlooking presidential responsibility. Subsequently, Reagan perpetrated crimes with impunity against Nicaragua – just to mention one instance.

We now have a president who lied to you, me and every one else and caused a terrible war to fall on the Iraqi people. Hundreds of thousands are dead due to his machinations. Shall we overlook his criminality?

We have an opportunity now to show the world we are a moral country by bringing President George Bush to trial for his war crimes. I urge Congressmen Michael Michaud and Tom Allen to do all in their power to promote impeachment in the House of Representatives, and I urge senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to bring Bush to justice in a Senate trial. Failing this, ought not Bush be turned over to the world court for trial?

Put yourselves in the shoes of an Iraqi. Would what Bush knowingly perpetrated on you, your family, and your people seem a benefit or a horror? Would you want him brought to justice?

As an American, why would you want less?

Denis Ledoux, Lisbon Falls