LEWISTON – League news:

Mamas & Papas: Team leaders: One Time, 16; Split Decision, 12; Alley Cats, 10. High average, male, James Goulding III, 226; female, Sue Carr, 188; weekly highs, Bob Violette, 277-760; Sue Carr, 257-647; team weekly high series, Granny & Gramps, 2382.

Monday Night Mixed: Fab Four, 145; Step-Up, 14; Hang Em High, 12. High average, male, Jason Nadeau, 196; female, Elizabeth Perreault, 169; weekly highs, Don Moore, 226-578; Elizabeth Perreault, 189; Pam Welch, 506; team high series, Hang Em High, 2038.

Northwood Park: R.J. Pelletier, 224; Don Morin’s Photo, 217; GNC Landscaping, 212.5. High average, male Tom Giberti, Jr., 211; female, Linda Austin, 186; weekly highs, Tim Matusko, 245; Bob Rolston, 649; Lisa Bickford, 190-545; weekly high series, Don Morin’s Photo, 2780.

Morning Glories: Four Bells, 75; Hot Shots, 66; Strikers, 62. High average, Germaine Martel, 162; weekly highs, Ikie Davis, 210; Maddy Moreau, 526; weekly high series, Pin Blazers, 1927.

Spare-Time Ladies: Three Plus One, 22; Marden’s Sudden Impact, 20; Tuesday Teasers, 20. High average, Linda Austin, 181; weekly highs, Irene Poulin, 225; Noreen Holt, 585; weekly high series, Dead River, 2113.

Public Service: Sochs, 24; Varsity Lettering, 22; Nothing Good, 20. High average, Bruce Marine, 218; weekly highs, Scott Moore, 268; Mike Peaco, 686; weekly high series, Max handicap, 3090.

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