COVINGTON, La. (AP) – Police said they caught a 16-year-old robbery suspect who previously eluded them after his baggy pants fell down, causing him to stumble as officers chased him.

“We literally caught him with his pants down,” Lt. Jack West said.

The teenager, who was not identified because he is a juvenile, is suspected of robbing a man at gunpoint and stealing another man’s car after beating him with a brick, West said. The suspect had run away from police several times in recent weeks, he said.

An officer spotted the teen standing on a street corner Monday, called in for two backup officers, then tried to make an arrest. “They all converged on him from different directions,” West said. “He started to run, but his low-riding pants fell down and he stumbled to his knees.”

The teen was booked on warrants for armed robbery, carjacking, two counts of aggravated battery and being a child in need of supervision.

Twins give birth same day, hospital

AUBURN, Ind. (AP) – Nicole Cramer had little idea when she went to the hospital to see her twin sister’s newborn son that within hours, she would give birth to a son of her own.

Her sister, Naomi Sale, had scheduled a Caesarean section on Tuesday morning and gave birth to Ethan Alexander at 8:29 a.m. Cramer, also nine months pregnant, visited Sale and her new nephew in the hospital but was having contractions and didn’t stay long.

“I thought, after I did the C-section, on my way home, ‘I wonder if her sister would go into labor?”‘ said Dr. Thaddeus Weghorst, the obstetrician for both women.

Within hours, Cramer was in the delivery room of DeKalb Memorial Hospital.

After 90 minutes of labor, Cramer delivered Carter Nathaniel Birchfield.

“This solidifies the theory on the bond between twins,” Weghorst said. “Even their uteri have a bond.”

Cramer and Sale turn 23 on Monday. They were due to give birth within a day of each other at the end of the month, but Weghorst’s office didn’t figure out they were twins until they were eight months along. The sisters explained, in unison, that they usually had their appointments on the same day, but at different times.

Weghorst, who has been in practice for eight years, said the close deliveries were a first for him.

“I’ve delivered two sets of twins in the same day, but never this,” he said.

Man cuts down trees for feng shui

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – A man has been sentenced to four months in jail for cutting down more than 40 trees planted by a neighboring apartment complex, claiming they would undermine the geomancy of his house, a newspaper reported Friday.

Geomancy – also known as feng shui – is an ancient Chinese practice of arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. People in Chinese communities frequently consult feng shui experts on the locations of their homes and placement of household objects to improve their livelihoods.

Lo Pu-yi, a feng shui expert, was convicted by the Taipei District Court of cutting down the trees in a complex next to his home on a hill in suburban Taipei, the Apple Daily reported.

Lo’s neighbors accused him of cutting down the banyans, willows and bamboos, saying the trees blocked the flow of air and could undermine his livelihood, the newspaper said.

A separate court will handle his neighbors’ claim for $12,000 in damages, the paper said.

Lo could not be reached for comment.

Park’s naked jogger ‘not a pretty sight’

SARATOGA, Calif. (AP) – Who was that undressed man?

That’s the question startled hikers, bikers and horseback riders are asking about a jogger seen streaking through an open space preserve wearing nothing but sneakers, glasses and a black tam hat.

“He passed me and said “Good evening,”‘ said Sue Bowdoin, who spotted the naked man ­ middle-aged and sporting a pale paunch ­ while riding her horse on a trail in Fremont Older Open Space Preserve last summer. “I thought: Ugh!”

Although numerous park users have reported seeing the exhibitionist over the last year and a half, rangers have been unable to identify and arrest him for exposing himself, said Gordon Baillie of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

By most accounts, the man is polite and does nothing other than run in the buff.

A woman who saw him said he looked scared and backed away after she cornered him with her horse and told him he was offending people.

People who use the park regularly have not reported recent sightings in the cold weather, theorizing he may be unrecognizable because he is clothed. With dark hair, sweaty red skin and lack of body hair, he wouldn’t be hard to spot, Bowdoin said.

“He’s frumpy. Plain. Not in good physical shape,” Bowdoin told the San Jose Mercury News in Thursday editions. “It’s not a pretty sight.”