Will the town of Jay get the town office it long been needed? After many years at the present location, which needs many repairs, new plans are in the works for a new building.

The location and property that is being considered will serve the residents of Jay, be more centralized, more easily accessible, have more parking, and make room for expansion. The new town office and police department will be close to the shopping center, and also a short distance from the schools.

The people of Jay will be voting Monday, Jan. 29, at a special town meeting regarding the town office. Money is not being raised, as money is already in an account. All that is needed is a vote to buy the property from Janet Diaz, then the building will be modernized to meet the needs of the town. We should thank Mrs. Diaz for providing a property that her husband had wanted the town to have as their town office.

All the members of the building committee have worked for several years to come up with a plan that would fit our budget. A lot of work will have to be done to remodel this building for our town office. A group is also raising money for a clock for the new town office.

As a member of the building committee, I think it is a good project for the town of Jay to purchase a new building that will serve us in the future.

Al Landry, Jay