The government has gone too far this time. I refer to the new ordinance in Bangor concerning people smoking in their cars with children under 18 years of age. This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

I feel the smoking community is being discriminated against. I am a smoker myself and, yes, it is a stupid habit – but how is it up to the government to say what I can do in my own car? If the government is so concerned that smoking in my car with children present is so bad for their health, why don’t the police start busting kids walking down the street smoking a cigarette? Furthermore, where are those “children” getting their smokes? Stealing them? Why doesn’t the government find and bust whoever is selling cigarettes to the underage?

What I do in my car is my business as long as I am not breaking the law. Driving while drunk, speeding or talking on a cell phone – those are dangerous.

This no-smoking thing has gone too far as far as I am concerned. Or have I lost the right to express my opinion, too?

The government should concentrate on finding the source of the kids’ cigarettes and bust them. If the police see children smoking on the street, ticket and fine them. If the government is so concerned about underage smoking, so be it.

At least be fair about it.

Stanley Smith, Norway