Woody Allen and Bette Midler portray a married couple in the 1991 film “Scenes from a Mall.” Allen (born Dec. 1, 1935) is exactly 10 years older than Midler (born Dec. 1, 1945).

n Although no country has as yet adopted Esperanto as an official language, it does have its own flag, which is green and white with a green star in the upper-left corner. Esperanto speakers identify themselves to each other by wearing a lapel pin with a green star.

When the Hasbro toy Mr. Potato Head was first sold in the early 1950s, what part or parts were not included that are included with the toy today?


B) Body

C) Shoes

D) Eyes

Tuesday’s answer: According to a 2006 readers’ poll in Travel + Leisure magazine, the top two travel-destination cities in the world are the Italian metropolises Florence and Rome.

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