RUMFORD – The Rumford Point Congregational Church participated in Heifer Project International as a Christmas outreach project.

The project is a nonprofit program that has helped people around the world become more self-reliant through the gift of animals and training in their care.

In mid December, church members were challenged to think of one thing each day that they could live without, give it a monetary value and put that amount into the family “Ark Bank.” They were to do this for 28 days then empty their banks into “Noah’s Ark.”

The project ran from Dec. 17 through Jan. 14 and raised $310. Church members voted to purchase a goat, a sheep, hens and a rooster.

Heifer Project International’s concept is that the gifts given keep on giving. Families who receive an animal must give the offspring to another family.

Villages have been helped by the sharing and giving of animal offspring.

More information is available at

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