Twenty members of the LMS Civil Rights Team with LMS teachers Mrs. Malyata and Mrs. Reny spent four days and three nights at Camp Kieve in Nobleboro where they scaled 50 foot poles, balanced on the high wire and “cat-walk,” and made a “human bridge”. These activities built the team’s confidence and trust in each other. The trip was not all about adventure; time was spent in team-building activities, focusing on how to be leaders and how to stop bullying in the middle school. Discussion groups learned about three key concepts: generalization, stereotyping, and judgments.

The Civil Rights Team is returning to LMS knowing that they must act as allies for each other and for targeted kids in school. The team realizes the need to get to know other people outside of their comfort-zone. They will start by sitting with different people at lunch so everyone will feel included. The team will share ideas on how to create the positive change the school needs.

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