Middle School

DIXFIELD – The honor roll at T.W. Kelly Dirigo Middle School for the second quarter has been announced

Grade eight

High honors (all A’s): Becky Cote, Troy Derouche.

Honors (A’s and B’s): Kirby Averill, Meredith Brown, Joel Cloutier, Justin Conant, Arik Fenstermacher, Chelsea Goding, Kelly Gould, Hannah Knight, Colette McKeen, Alex Milledge, Daniel Poulin, Emily Ray, Justin Richards, Jill Schnorr, Casandra Sutter, Kirsten Uhde, Deanna Varnum, Brittany Wright.

Grade seven

High honors: Jacob Dowland, Myriah Porter, Jessica Sattler.

Honors: Larissa Bryant, Garret Carver, Ian Fortin, Caleb Hall, Coral Howe, Alyssa Janke, Sandra Jones, Angela Ronan, Cody St. Germain, Mitchel Stanley, Alyssa Wade.

Grade six

High honors: Justin Chartier, Cody Chiasson, Ryanne Dailey, Travis Frost, Adelaide Fuller, Michelle Morrison, Tyler Plante.

Honors: Caroline Bergendahl, Austin Bernard, Cassidy Bigos, Natalie Bolduc, Katelin Bonney, Gretchen Bradbury, Michael Chow, Mykala Emery, Kayla Gaudin, Auburn Hart, Stormi Henderson, Ashley Kimball, Taron Mazza, Samantha Morse, Alexis Noyes, Danielle Ranger, Jennifer Smith, Spencer Trenoweth, Ambyr Wilson.

Grade five

High honors: Lindsy Crutchfield, Stephanie Janke, Ciara Keene, Rylee L’Italien, Hannah Robinson, Sawyer Smith, Brian Volkernick, Kaylee White.

Honors: Krystal Blood, Jackiellen Bonney, Isiah Brown, Carolyn Campbell, Ashley Cronin, Sharon Daniels, Hayley Doyen, Grace Hebert, Brooke Holmquist, Roland Laliberty, Brittany Lapointe, Katrina Riggs, Seth Tacheny, Christina Tubbs, Sara VanLieu.

High School

DIXFIELD – The second-quarter honor roll at Dirigo High School has been announced.


High honors: Abby Fenstermacher.

Honors: Nathan Archibald, Jacqueline Barnes, Shannon Daley, Jessica Gill, Amy Gould, Rachael Hall, Melissa Harvey, Molly Ray, Allison Roy, Matthew Smith, Erica St. Pierre, Amber Tozier, Tiffany Virgin, Sarah Welch, Katy White, Jeffrey Willis.

Honorable mention: Chelsea Austin, Melissa Bacon, Brielle Brooks, Nathan Carrier, Ashley Coulombe, Katie Hutchinson, Victoria Kennedy, Nathan Knowles, Alexander Leblanc, Brandon Leblanc, Korina Lee, Deven Madore, Jessica Mayo, Coty McLaughlin, Bradley McLeod, Kyle Miele, Allyssa Porter, Ashley Remeika, Megan Russell, Ben Wells.


High honors: Kayla Hinkley.

Honors: Jesse Beaudet, Andrew Colpitts, Matthew Ferland, Alyson Gill, Adam Law, Brittany Moore, Kristina White.

Honorable mention: Jeremy Bellegarde, Jacob Daigneault, Kaitlin Garabedian, Dylan Hebert, Marie Hebert, Timothy Holman, Carrie Jamison, Brianna Janke, Justin Larsen, Ashley Merrill, Brittany Palmer, Jonathan Smith, Hannah Strout, Sammy-Jo Tyler, Samantha Webster.


High honors: Chelsea Bernard, Anna Chase.

Honors: Kayla Chiasson, Rachel Child, Brandon Doyen, Aaron Fenstermacher, Kristen Harvey, Briant Hunt, Courtney Knox, Ashley Moro, James Moulton, Joshua Palmer, Morgan Palmer, Katelyn Rock, Marina Slover.

Honorable mention: John Arsenault, Jacob Averill, Katie Blais, Jazmine Brooks, Allan Carrier, Dejouvon Cawthon, Justin Coulombe, Heidi Cox, Joshua Henderson, Ashley Hodge, Thomas Knight, Hannah Mikkonen, Kayla Schuster, Megan White.


Honors: Kirstin Blood, Lindsey Brann, Bryce Carver, Dylan Castonguay, Emily Chase, Nicholas Crutchfield, Jane Hebert, Kyle Hutchinson, Brandon Jonaitis, Amber Woods.

Honorable mention: Kayla Bernard, Eric Bolduc, Tyler Chiasson, Mariah Dailey, Tyler Gates, Jordan Holmes, Jacob Jackson, Chad Oakes, Kathleen Paquette, Kayla Robbins, Ricki Sinclair, Brodie Thompson.

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