NORWAY – Patients waiting for treatment in the emergency room at Stephens Memorial Hospital will notice something new in the waiting room. The hospital has two new high capacity air filters for flu season, one in the ER waiting room and one in the “flu/respiratory” waiting area.

The RxAir 3000 Air Purifier is used to circulate the air through a special HEPA filter to remove microbial airborne particles. The machine cleanses the air 12 times an hour and can be likened to a person washing their hands to reduce skin contamination.

“It filters and cleanses the air of bacteria, it helps to prevent infectious diseases; it is a wonderful resource,” said Infection Control Nurse Sharon Proctor.

The filters were acquired through the Central Maine Resource Center’s efforts surrounding infectious diseases and preventing colds, flu and the Norwalk virus that has been in the area over the winter.

Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health family. Visit Western Maine Health on the Internet at

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