Jeanne Langelier is absolutely right. (Feb. 4) We don’t need another super Wal-Mart. We already have the Wal-Mart warehouse. Why don’t we change the Twin Cities name to “Bennettville” so we can all be puppets to Sam Walton and company?

The downtown needs to be finished. It is an eyesore. We need to find investors that care enough about Lewiston, so that they don’t mind using their own money for development. We surely don’t want to repeat our mistakes and buy another Colisee. We all know that smart investors use other people’s money.

We could start by relocating nightclubs away from elderly housing. Parts of the Bates Mill complex could entertain night life. The hardworking policemen would have but one area in town to patrol.

As for the elderly housing, one would think that serious investors would feel more secure in investing in an area that is free from the nightlife, and open restaurants, retail shops and a small Wal-Mart serving the local community.

Residents from the Twin Cities and investors would all benefit. I feel that if our city administrators are really there for us, the taxpayers, they would finish one project at a time, starting with the downtown.

The city should get out of real estate, and leave that business to the brokers.

Joe Voisine, Lewiston

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