LEWISTON – Lewiston Middle School has announced its academic honor roll for the second quarter.

Grade seven

First honors: Nimo Ahmed, Nathan Berube, Matthew Chouinard, Cameron Copeland, Andrew Gatchell, Kayla Hamel, Joy Harrington, Linsey House, Tiana Lacombe, Heather MacNeill, Christopher Madden, Mackenzi Masselli, Rachel Mills, Stacy Oswald, Chantelle Pinard, Sarah Schlax, Kasidy Stevenson, Mackenzie Sullivan.

Second honors: Courtney Aldrich, Ryan Anderson, Mathieu Bowen, Taylor Brosious, Kirstin Burgess, Megan Charest, Jonathan Colon, Michaela Craig, Alexandria Dean, Nicholas Gilbert, Shae Godbout, Corbin Hyde, Meaghan Jordan, Amber Langlois, Kevin Lavertu.

Also, Paige LeBlond, Timothy Leeman, Michael Letendre, Robert Ouellette, Casey Paladino, Brandon Perron, Kolby Pitman, Christopher Poulin, Christopher Rancourt, Jacob Reed, Shawn Ricker, Mitchel Roberge, Jacob Soucy, Christian Staev, Dylan Tanguay, Matthew Therrien, Brianna Warbin, Victoria White.

Grade eight

First honors: Veronica Beaudoin, Christopher Belanger, Jake Berube, Brady Blouin, Jared Bourgoin, Sydney Buck, Matthew Butler, Abigail Campbell, Michael Chin, Nathen Cloutier, Jacob Cyr, Briana Czarkowski, Elizabeth Dixon, Ryan Dubois, Cody Dussault, Kathryn Evans, Phillip Foss, Travis Garcia, Kelsey Giroux, Chelsea Graffam, Eric Hall.

Also, Tyler Hartman, Mekae Hyde, Kelsey Kramarz, Rebecca-Marie Lessard, Kaylynn Levasseur, Asha Mahamud, Cameron Marcotte, Brittany Martin, Jonathan McDonough, Heaven Morse, Alex Parker, Cameron Poussard, Sydnie Racine, Curtis Robinson, Iqbal Saeed, Jonathan Soucy, Amber Thibault, Erika Thomas, Sarah Turner, Amy Yeung.

Second honors: Elizabeth Aguilar, James Aldrich, Tucker Beaudoin, Richard Belanger, Abigail Blaisdell, Ashley Blauvelt, Jessica Bowen, Nathaniel Cote, Christopher DeFosse, Shelby Dobransky, Martin Ford, Shawn Handler, Jordan Handy, Samantha Hopkins.

Also, Sheldon Jones, Brandon Jordan, Jesse Leeman, Jason Li, Jana MacIsaac, Dong Mai, Christopher Malia, Joshua Martin, Kirstin McCombs, Careena Michaud, Eric Morin, Samantha Ouellette, Kyle Palmer, Joshua Perry, Coby Poussard, Mohad Said, John Skula, Rebecka Vines.

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