The last thing Lewiston-Auburn needs is another Wal-Mart. The area is overloaded with national big box stores, while we lack shopping opportunities for quality items that are different from the same run-of-the-mill iems.

Developers and city officials who stay busy enticing those box stores lose sight of the fact that lots of money is leaving the Twin Cities, as residents seek places to eat other than the ordinary, and desire quality, “different” merchandise.

It is questionable if those who come to shop at stores such as Wal-Mart actually have any money left to spend elsewhere in the area. It’s noticeable how many local places are going out of business. (And why did Olive Garden choose the Topsham Fair Mall instead of here?)

I believe this area is getting a reputation for offering cheap goods, while local shoppers go to other areas for what they want.

Natalie D. Dunlap, Lewiston

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