A new type of politics has hit Maine communities called “carpetbagger voting.” This result is due to a same-day voter registration law passed in Maine years ago. Maine’s new style carpetbagger voters are for the most part – according to the press – made up of college students from away. So under the disguise of having a driving desire to be involved in democracy, they register and vote in the towns they attend college.

Some imply this action may violate Maine law. Some ask if it could be carpetbagger voting students might be cheating, while legislators with a wink and smile ignore it. One might think someone is making use of these good little boys’ and girls’ votes.

For years, Maine citizens have attempted to understand legislators’ minds with no luck. Perhaps we next should expect legislators to suggest those parked within “Cemetery Drive” receive voting status, and perhaps they’ll be able to pull this off. Why? Because, at long last, they’ll have found a real permanent Maine citizen, unlike some students visiting for Election Day.

Forget local control, as that’s hocus-pocus fraud or voodoo politics used by the Maine education system. They, along with carpetbagger voters, ended local control years ago.

It is time to do away with same-day voter registration.

Bob Burton, Industry

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