LEWISTON – The following building permits were issued in January.

Greely Capital, 171 Lisbon St., demolition of a 7,500-square-foot three-story building.

White Rock distillery, 21 Saratoga St., construction of a 29- by 80-foot foundation for tank storage, $80,000.

Carroll A. Poulin, 26 Baird Ave., replace a retaining wall (100 feet), $21,000.

Norma Savard, 3 Windsor Place, installation of 10 replacement windows, $5,455.

Willard N. Jackson Jr., 1 Gulf Island Ave., interior alterations and renovations to existing kitchen and bathroom area, $38,000.

Lee Clark, 9 Hillmount Drive, renovations and alterations to basement area to convert to in-law apartment, $25,000.

Charles and Jeannine Kehn, 3 Water’s Edge Drive, construction of a 15- by 16-foot enclosed patio room on existing deck, $16,000.

Peter A. Rubins, 28 Bates St., interior renovations to rehab two apartments (no structural), $30,000.

New Life Christian Fellowship, 169 Holland St., installation of four replacement windows, size for size, and a 32- by 52-foot double-hung kitchen window, $2,000.

Francis Nagy, 26 Biron Ave., interior renovations after being damaged by fire (any necessary code upgrades), $40,419.59.

Claire Lachance, 185 East Ave., removal of two front porches, replacing with two 10- by 7-foot porches; removal of two rear porches, replacing with one 10- by 6-foot porch, $23,000.

Jeannine Boisvert, 157 Grove St., enclosing a 22- by 16-foot porch, 10 windows, two doors, $18,000.

Robert Gauvin, 53 Lowell St., construction of three fire escapes, $5,600.

Mike Fortin, 865 Sabattus St., creation of a wall to separate customers from the shopping bay, $1,100.

Alpine Realty, 30 East Ave., alterations and renovations to the space for ACS interior fit-up, $150,000.

Central Maine Medical Center, 10 High St., renovations to Suite 101 and 105, 3,300 square feet, removal of all existing finishes, installing new finishes; rework of existing bathrooms, existing electrical, existing HVAC, $255,400.

Dave Reed, 1567 Lisbon St., interior renovations to create function room and game area, $3,000.

Admiral Building Products, 1 Saratoga St., alterations and renovations to vacant building, converting to warehouse space; performing interior fit-up, $10,000.

Mark Rodrigue, 1472 Lisbon St., interior alterations for new restaurant, $50,000.

Lucien Samson, 18 Mount Hope Ave., construction of an attached 15- by 20-foot carport, $4,500.

Mike Dubois, 686 College St., construction of a 24- by 24-foot garage and single-story 28- by 30-foot addition, $75,000.

Julie Poulin, 166 Central Ave., construction of a 12- by 11-foot breezeway and a 24- by 24-foot attached garage.

Michael R. Doucette, 21 Stewart St., demolition of a 1,008 square-foot three-unit building.

Louis C. Jean, 103 Larrabee Road, demolish 1,500-square-foot barn.

Greely Capital LLC, 177 Lisbon St., demolition of a 1,200 square-foot one-story building.

Greely Capital LLC, 167 Lisbon St., demolition of a 11,000 square-foot four-story building.

Greely Capital LLC, 159 Lisbon St., demolition of a 20,400 square-foot four-story building.

Professional Building LLC, 149 Lisbon St., demolition of a 18,105 square-foot building.

Central Maine Realty, 374 Main St., demolition of a 4,212 square-foot two-and-a-half story building.

Rancourt Associates, 984 Sabattus St., installation of a 6- by 96-foot vinyl fence, $3,800.

Oliva L. Bussiere Jr., 35 Gina St., installation of a 6- by 128-foot stockade fence, $3,200.

Rancourt Associates, 984 Sabattus St., installation of a 8-square-foot single-face non-illuminated awning sign, $200.

Debra Thalheimer, 1268 (1270) Lisbon St., installation of a 64 square-foot double-face illuminated portable sign to be displayed from Jan. 20 to Feb. 20, 2007, $695.

Rachel Cloutier, 65 Foch St., Kari’s Place, single-family daycare home with up to 12 kids (family day care).

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