Although I understand the public’s cry for increased security in school systems, it is somewhat difficult to accomplish in some schools. I believe that all schools may have necessary maintenance and cost issues that make it difficult to upgrade security.

Recently, I attended a Parent-Teacher Organization meeting and new security measures were discussed. The school – like many others – has issued lockdown orders on all but one door during school hours. The single door access means that a person entering the school would pass the main office, and be questioned by personnel about their business inside. The visitor would then have to sign in, and be issued a visitor’s pass to continue.

Mothers at the PTO meeting were telling the principal how happy teachers and parents were with this security measure. The principal said he is unsure how it will affect everyone during warm days, since opening other doors for air will no longer be an option. He also voiced concerns about the noise level, due to air conditioning and other maintenance issues within the school.

I urge every parent who has a child in school to attend a PTO meeting, and ask questions about how new security measures will really work.

Lori-Ann Touchette, Lewiston

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