PARIS – The Paris Public Library recently added the following novels to its collection:

Akunin, “Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog”; Allen, “Murder on the Celtic”; Amis, “House of Meetings”; Arruda, “Stalking Ivory”; Atherton, “Aunt Dimity Goes West”; Ault, “Wild Indigo”; Auster, “Travels in the Scriptorium”; Austin, “A Woman’s Place”; Avery, “The Teahouse Fire”; Ballard, “Angel and the Jabberwocky”; Bannister, “Requiem for a Dealer.”

Also, Barron, “Jane and the Barque of Frailty”; Beaton, “Death of a Maid”; Benson, “The Physician’s Tale”; Berlinski, “Lion Eyes”; Berlinski, “Fieldwork”; Berry, “The Alexandria Link”; Blunt, “By the Time You Read This”; Bohjalian, “Double Bind”; Bond, “Fires of War”; Borthwick, “Foiled Again”; Taylor Bradford, “The Ravenscar Dynasty”;

Also, Jackson Braun, “The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers”; Brown, “Temperatures Rising”; Browne, “Little Lady, Big Apple”; Connor Browne, “The Sweet Potato Queen’s First Big-Ass Novel”; Cabot, “Size 14 is not Fat Either”; Card, “Empire”; Chandra, “Sacred Games”; Child, “Deep Storm”; Clinch, “Finn”; Cook, “Cloud of Unknowing.”

Also, Cookson, “The Hamiltons”; Clarke, “Breakpoint”; Cornwell, “Lords of the North”; Crichton, “Next”; Crider, “Murder Among the OWLs”; Crombie, “Water Like a Stone”; Crusie, “Manhunting”; Cusk, “Arlington Park”; Cussler, “Treasure of Khan”; Deaver, “More Twisted: Collected Stories.”

Dietrich, “Napoleon’s Pyramid”; Delinsky, “Family Tree”; Deutermann, “Spider Mountain”; Dorsey, “Hurricane Punch”; Doyle, “Paula Spencer”; Dugoni, “Damage Control”; Dunmore, “Ingo”; Eagle, “Ride a Painted Pony”; Evanovich, “Plum Lovin'”; Fairstein, “Bad Blood”; Folsom, “The Machiavelli Covenant”; Frazer, “The Traitor’s Tale”; Fredrickson, “A Safe Place for Dying.”

Also, Frey, “The Successor”; Gardner, “Hide”; Garlock, “On Tall Pine Lake”; Garwood, “Shadow Dance”; Goddard, “Sight Unseen”; Graves, “Trap Door”; Greeley, “The Senator and the Priest”; Greeley, “Irish Linen”; Gregory, “The Book of Names”; Gregory, “The Boleyn Inheritance”; Griffin, “The Hunters”; Grimes, “Dust”; Grippando, “When Darkness Falls”; Hagberg, “Allah’s Scorpion.”

Also, Haig, “Man in the Middle”; Haines, “Fever Moon”; Hambly, “Patriot Hearts”; Hamilton, “Mistral’s Kiss”; Harper, “First Princess of Wales”; Harris, “Hannibal Rising”; Harrison, “Returning to Earth”; Hill, “Heart-Shaped Box”; Hillerman, “Shape Shifter”; Hogan, “Killing Moon”; Hood, “The Knitting Circle.”

Also, Hurley, “The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud”; Iles, “True Evil”; Isaacs, “Past Perfect”; Jackson, “Posh”; Jacobs, “The Next Victim”; Jacobs, “Friday Night Knitting Club”; Jacobs, “The Critique of Criminal Reason”; Jance, “Web of Evil”; Johansen, “Stalemate;” Kalla, “Rage Therapy.”

Also, Kaminsky, “Always Say Goodbye”; Kellerman, “Trouble”; Kellerman, “Capital Crimes”; Kelly, “The Coldest Blood”; Kelton, “Ranger’s Law”; Koontz, “Brother Odd”; Krentz, “White Lies”; LaHaye, “John’s Story”; Landay, “The Strangler”; Larsson, “Blood Spilt”; Lescroart, “Suspect”; Mailer, “The Castle in the Forest”; Marlette, “Magic Time”; Martin, “Body Count.”

Also, Matar, “In the Country of Men”; McDermid, “The Grave Tattoo”; McGrory, “Strangled”; McInerny, “The Letter Killeth”; McLarty, “The Traveler”; Meier, “Bake Sale Murder”; Moore, “You Suck: a Love Story”; Mortimer, “Rumpole and the Reign of Terror”; Myers, “Hell Hath No Curry”; Nadelson, “Red Hook”; Norman, “Devotion”; O’Connell, “Find Me”; Parker, “Perfect Fake”; Parker, “High Profile.”

Also, Patterson, “Step on a Crack”; North Patterson, “Exile”; Phillips, “Natural Born Charmer”; Powers, “Echo Maker”; Pynchon, “Against the Day”; Pyper, “Wildfire Season”; Raban, “Surveillance”; Raybourn, “Silent in the Grave”; Rice, “The Edge of Winter”; Rivers, “The Last Sin Eater”; Robb, “Innocent in Death”; Roberts, “All’s Well That Ends”; Roby, “Love and Lies.”

Also, Rose, “The Blackest Bird”; Rozen, “In this Rain”; Sakey, “Blade Itself”; Salvatore, “Road of the Patriarch”; Self, “The Book of Dave”; Shields, “Crimson Portrait”; Simmons, “The Terror”; Smiley, “Ten Days in the Hills”; Smith, “Christmas Caroline”; Spiegelman, “Red Cat”; Stabenow, “A Deeper Sleep”; Stark, “Ask the Parrot”; Steel, “Sisters.”

Also, Swerling, “City of Glory”; Tademy, “Red River”; Thurlo, “Surrogate Evil”; Todd, “The False Mirror”; Truman, “Murder at the Opera”; Turow, “Limitations”; Twining, “Black Sun”; Unger, “Sliver of Truth”; Wambaugh, “Hollywood Station”; Wick, “White Chocolate Moments”; Willig, “The Deception of the Emerald Ring”; Zahn, “Allegiance.”

For more information or to reserve a title, call the Paris Public Library at 743-6994 or e-mail [email protected] Home delivery of materials from the library is available.

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