MEXICO – David Driscoll, director, and Cheryl Ellis, student services coordinator, have announced the Region 9 honor roll for the second quarter.

High honors

Building Construction I: Jeremy Bellegarde, Matthew Ferland, Adam Gatchell, Justin Larsen.

Building Construction II: Joshua Campbell, Tyler Child, Chris Lowell.

Certified Nurses Assistant: Rochelle Jewell, Joshua Merrill, Kristen Touchette, Deanna Welch.

Cooperative Education: Samantha Blood, Chelsey Brown, Braydon Crocket-Rice, Stephanie Dragoon, Leann Gross, Jessica Kimball.

Computer Technology II: Thomas Williams.

Computers in Business: Jessica Gill, Kayla Hinkley, Allyssa Porter.

Diversified Occupations: Jesse Beaudet, Corey Brann, Seth Marshall.

Wood Harvesting: Scott Billings, Dana Bradbury.

Metal Trades II: Nickolas Pingree, Chris Taylor.


Building Construction I: John Farrington, Jeremy Jackson, Anthony Jordan, Cody McPherson.

Building Construction II: Allen Buck, Eric Libby, Nate Marston, Ryan Woods.

Certified Nurses Assistant: Nicole Barnett, Randi Cioffa, Kayla Downs, Jaymi Lewis, Danielle Henley, Andrea Pivin, Nariko Shimamura, Whitney Woods.

Cooperative Education: Bethany Danforth, Matthew Glover, Crystal Herrick, Jennell Pilgrim, Kevin Wight.

Computer Technology I: Torrey Burgess, Travis Durgin, Sam Lawson, Carl Parise, Travis Walker.

Computer Technology II: Logan White.

Computers in Business: Nicole Hughes, Michael Turner.

Diversified Occupations: Jacob Averill, Gary Barnett, Dillon Burnham, Andrew Dyment, Ariana Pilgrim-Guay, Eric Hamel, Briant Hunt, Kayla Korhonen, Bobbie Lamontagne, Kristina Pulk, Melinda Robertson, Aaron Stone, Katherine Weeks, Bonnie White, Dane Wilson.

Wood Harvesting I: Casey Arsenault, Mike Dailey, Michael Farnum, Nicholas Sumner, Justin Tidswell.

Wood Harvesting II: Aaron Barton, Albert Curtsi, Kayla Fitzmorris, Zack Meisner, Ashley Pelletier.

Metal Trades I: Nick Anastasio, Joshua Bennett, Kevin Blanchard, Curtis Bowie, Andrew McCann, Michael Redman, Adam Stearns, Kaleb Theriault.

Metal Trades II: Chris Barlow, Thaddeus Bennett, Nathan Carrier, Brady Gallant, Nick Hammond, Stephen Jacques, Kyle Miele, Andrew Morton, Justin Theriault.

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