I was going to write a letter and ask you to bring back the movie listings that used to be in Encore. After looking at the paper Feb. 11, I find myself writing about something much worse than that.

There has been questionable material in the new b-section of the paper before, but that day’s section takes the cake. I was totally disgusted to open the b-section and see an article about a sex-shop clerk. I did not expect to find that type of garbage in the local newspaper. It is totally inappropriate.

I wonder how many children read that article?

If you’re going to print material in the b-section that belongs in publications such as Playboy or Playgirl, it should be treated as such: Seal the b-section in a dark wrapper and label it “For mature readers only.” That way there would be at least some warning for people who don’t care to read that filth, and for parents who don’t want their children exposed to it.

Elizabeth S. Voter, Mexico

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