Dear Sun Spots: This is response to the individual who wrote inquiring about doll shows in the area ( Monday’s Sun Spots column): That reader and others may be interested in learning that the Woman’s Literary Union holds its annual Mother/Daughter Doll Tea party on Sat. April 28. It’s held at the Woman’s Literary Union, 19 Elm St. in Auburn. Dolls of various eras will be on display and doll accessories will be available for purchasing. Local storyteller Dorothy Darling Gatchell will entertain the young girls (and also those little girls at heart) with her stories at 1:15 p.m., 2:15 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. Refreshments and tea (afternoon) will also be available. Additional information will be published prior to April 28. – Dot in Auburn.

Dot, Sun Spots is hanging her head in shame! She has been to this several times with her daughter and both have thoroughly enjoyed the event. How could she have forgotten this?

Readers, it’s a charming mother/daughter or even child and female grown-ups time to dress up, have afternoon tea and be hosted by the attentative tea servers at each end of the large dining table, toting large pots of tea, jugs of milk, or lemon, and china cups and plates! Then there’s the platefulls of finger desserts daintly displayed and eaten at the lovely cafe tables in an adjoining room. There are lots of helpers, too, on the sidelines, the bakers, kitchen helpers and hostesses throughout the building all trying to add to a coddled afternoon. Sun Spots has even brought along her doll to the event as attendees often do. It makes for a fun dress up day. Some even dress to match their dolls, matching frilly dresses, hats, gloves, and accessories. It’s a special, special time and Sun Spots sure hopes to see you at this year’s!

Dear Sun Spots: Will wonders ever cease! Here is more to the saga of the Victorian mansion on Fairview Avenue in Auburn.

I recently had a call from Dr. John James of West Auburn. He was a year behind my husband and I at Edward Little High School, and he gave me the following information and asked me to please relay it to you and other column readers who might be interested in this:

John’s grandfather, Francis Henry James, moved from Middlebury, Vt., to Maine in 1904. He bought the Victorian house and 25 acres of land. However, he was a dairy farmer and found that 25 acres was not sufficient land for his need. So, he moved to 100 acres on Center Street in Auburn, where his dairy was located for many years. It was on the corner of Stetson Road, where Lee Auto is now. Apparently someone owned the Victorian house before Francis James, but Dr. James had no knowledge of who it might have been.

I would assume that the Gross family bought it from Francis James. I didn’t mention in my previous letter that the Fred Gross family lived on the Gooseberry Barn property, and also owned the big Victorian mansion on top of the hill where Mrs. Gross’ mother lived. Dr. James thought this would be important to add to anything previously printed. – Dorothy Austin Buchanan, Auburn.

Readers interested in attending The Fabric and Craft Supply Fair on April 14 (Sun Spots column Monday): Should please note that the fair is being held at the High Street Congregational Church, 106 Pleasant Street in Auburn. The location was omitted from Monday’s column.

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